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Welcome to HR Management. we provide quality, trained personnel through various staffing services

Our Services

  • Temporary

    Flexible, short-term staff additions or replacements


    Extended-term workforce engaged and managed on-site for enhanced productivity


    Transition to full-time employee on an hours-worked basis


    Long-term staffing and management of an entire departmental function with performance accountability

    Direct Hire

    Staff recruitment and placement on a fee-for-service basis. Positions range from entry to executive level

    Talent Match

    Client-customized selection and testing process

    • Hiring

       When hiring, HRM considers a variety of factors, including an expectation that all new hires will be proficient with Microsoft Office,Word, Excel and quick books, all central to the type of business services provides. HRM gives a standard test to each prospective employee to see where they stand with their computer skills this will allow HRM to know where to place each person.  HRM also looks for candidates who are excellent in  communication and wonderful team players.

    • Improve Productivity

      Bringing in temporary workers to handle work overload can prevent employee burnout of full-time staff. When work schedules are overloaded, employees can quickly become unmotivated and overwhelmed. This can increase mistakes made as well as decrease productivity. Increased absenteeism is often a side effect when this occurs. By bringing in temporary staff to handle the extra work load, full-time employees can continue to focus on their main job tasks while maintaining their productivity.

    • Try Before You Buy

      Temporary employees give the business a chance to try out an employee before making a permanent offer of employment. In some cases, a person may have the experience and education for a job but simply does not mesh well with the business environment. Having the opportunity to have the person work on a temporary basis first gives the business a chance to evaluate how the person will fit in with the corporate culture and other employees. It also provides time to identify any weaknesses that would not typically be evident in the interview process.